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Pratham Prasoon

Hey there!👋

I am Pratham, a 16 year-old high school student, and my mission is to make programming and machine learning simple for everyone.

I've loved computers since I was 4 and have been self-learning how to code since 2015.

It was a tough journey. Not having good internet until about a couple of years ago and learning through outdated books meant that I took longer to learn how to code than most people.

This is exactly the reason why I make content, to help people avoid the mistakes I did and learn something new.

About 15,000,000 people collectively view my content on Twitter, Linkedin and this blog.

I spend about 30 hours every week on making this content, and I want all of it to be free forever.

Managing this with school and other part time jobs is extremely difficult.

If you like what I do and want to support my cause ,consider sponsoring me, it truly means a lot.

All proceeds will help me create better content that reaches even more people and you support a young content creator trying to make a positive impact in this world ❤️

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